Mountain to Mountains

Heard an Ancient say Not too long, the other day All that can be seen, all that can be known Merely Spirit of the Times The Depths not shown. And yet, alluded by nostalgia Aphrodite’s charm, Went to see a former lover (Of half a decade) What’s the harm? We spoke of much, enjoyed eachContinue reading “Mountain to Mountains”


Longing I remember when you played this song I remember waiting aeons long Your face changes now and then I still don’t know who you are I still wonder how far.. I’ll be moving cross country soon If i saw you, would we swoon? Do I have to await another Full moon? When your appearanceContinue reading “Beloved”


Strictly Professional,love for you.Confessional,doves for you. Anything you ask,I’m your open book.Mike’s Bizarre Adventure. I don’t care who you are,reach out like CNA servicesreach out likeI need an undertakerreach out likeI can’t take Her. She doesn’t wanna meet Persephone. Litmus Test for your DestinyUnfelt face in the doorway I come from the West,I’m here toContinue reading “PESTILENCE’S RIDE”


Thanks to you,unknown readeryou Truelove seeker no secretsmy peaker walter whitewith our beakers let’s make some moveslike ocean full moonlet me knowcall soon do you rememberwho we were before?I don’t either, butI know youI don’t know how but I know thatI know that we knowI will care for you You aren’t aloneYou never were SimplyContinue reading “Attitude: GRATITUDE”

Ancients’ Patience

Ages have past likeso many grains opportunitywasted plainswhen I saw your facei criedsorry i never told youi can be cold, too. i weep with sorrow and regretdeeper every dayi feel castawayi’ll always find you reaching into your infernoi’ll waiti swear i’ll waiti know, i knowyou say i don’t, butfuck how long it takes i don’tContinue reading “Ancients’ Patience”