i long to see you,someday.i long to belong to you,sun ray!you never saw me crydon’t (have to) stay(but i want you to stay)..those words i’ve diedto hear you sayplease don’t ask me whyit’s been such a long day. every person i invest ini want my deposit backdon’t peek this depressioni got you, you’re good blackContinue reading “someday”

Heaven’s Time

my own desiresfor want of make me laughi’ll spare the details,it takes me back.every song i hearmy new favorite track.i always say too muchbut never take it back. their patience can’t take itour patience ageless.their frustration impatienceour peace like Ancients’.their toys:can’t go farour toys-motherfuckings t a r s love loving to be hurt for whatContinue reading “Heaven’s Time”