Closed In

Here, the journey’s end Or has it even started? Sure, now there’s a bed Large and empty like these valleys More than not wish I was dead Hung from the galley Will likely never find love, never be happy My mistakes are too many, too damning Only a few ask, I barely manage Consequence ofContinue reading “Closed In”

Numbered Days

My breaths are labored Punctuated by a cough. I’d started tending to the neighbors Everyone in Indiana just scoffs Meditation is the practice of death Funny thing I’d count my breath. I was dishonest to the one I loved In the name of greater from above. Now, bereft of both, My foolishness comes full circle.Continue reading “Numbered Days”


of the Ancestral Garden I should have stayed distant, stayed ardent.. But glad to be of service I hope you’ll be happier, you deserve it. You’ll never read these words I feel Just wanted to find another one Real. I wish you well, I do. Don’t mind my pain, it’s just me, it’s not you.Continue reading “Daisy”

despair (inheritance!)

Back home (not anywhere) Lost it all (más despair) I’m fine 😅 (don’t care) Losing this body, this hair Thankful for the air. Too soon for my heirs, Only hearts I tear. Silence isn’t yet speech Rather be gone than a leech. Let me go, I won’t preach, I won’t pull you in Please letContinue reading “despair (inheritance!)”

until next eclipse

Hello readers. The time is soon approaching when I (we) must return to silence.(Really I’ve been typing this on the laptop my saint of an ex let me borrow,but she traded it for my PS4 so I felt it’s fair, I just don’t remember my accountinformation. If you like my work enough, hopefully you canContinue reading “until next eclipse”

Beckoning Flame

Hello.My name is Michael Lenczycki.You may call me Mikeyou may call meWhatever youLike. This happened, is happening,because it has nowhere else to go.If you have come here, this far,maybe you sense it. There seems to be something more going on,than what you were informed of.Maybe you had ideas and fleeting faint Images in youth. WhereContinue reading “Beckoning Flame”