Closed In

Here, the journey’s end Or has it even started? Sure, now there’s a bed Large and empty like these valleys More than not wish I was dead Hung from the galley Will likely never find love, never be happy My mistakes are too many, too damning Only a few ask, I barely manage Consequence ofContinue reading “Closed In”


of the Ancestral Garden I should have stayed distant, stayed ardent.. But glad to be of service I hope you’ll be happier, you deserve it. You’ll never read these words I feel Just wanted to find another one Real. I wish you well, I do. Don’t mind my pain, it’s just me, it’s not you.Continue reading “Daisy”

So it goes

So it goes, Another waste of a storm. Another loner gone by mo(u)rn. Glad I never wasted my love On a hapless scorn. So it goes, A waste of suffering for One Nobody knows. Returned to see friend or foe, Binned off as only Ryan knows. Thanks for your painful honesty, So it goes. AnotherContinue reading “So it goes”

Tiger King

I remember hearing your set, Just wanting to wish you the best. I reached out, to be a friend. I didn’t know it was my end. Nor did my partner, Nor did my partner. I have boundary issues and I flirt, You took advantage, you teased, you hurt. I’m stupid because I thought you cared,Continue reading “Tiger King”

despair (inheritance!)

Back home (not anywhere) Lost it all (más despair) I’m fine 😅 (don’t care) Losing this body, this hair Thankful for the air. Too soon for my heirs, Only hearts I tear. Silence isn’t yet speech Rather be gone than a leech. Let me go, I won’t preach, I won’t pull you in Please letContinue reading “despair (inheritance!)”


I wake up,check the clockonly slept 5 hoursyou still have me blocked. My heart feels like a broken stone,cast away from your Eden Throne.I wish I could hear your voice,but I broke my phone (you would never answer). All I ever dospend eternitywaiting, justfor you. Allegedly I’ll do a podcast tonight,get it all off myContinue reading “Expectations”

Boyz’ Night

Shouldn’t have leftbut I didYour face in my chestNo more bliss. Took a chance on any companionshipknowing it’s justa shadow of yours. I appreciate that you’re concernedI guess you’re thinking of me,but still have me kicked out of your heart,your life. Which is fair,You’ve barely known me. I probably shouldn’t call youmy wife. I’m moreContinue reading “Boyz’ Night”