my thoughts on dying

I don’t care I don’t care, I don’t I don’t care I won’t.. Every stare Every look No air Page in my book Shadows cast You won’t last Dead dust past Give a fuck about your class Dead you bet your ass. Don’t mind if you’ve wronged me Your broken soul on my prongs, 3Continue reading “my thoughts on dying”

my fetish (wow ppl only like me when i’m nice, understandably)

my fetish is your fetish no need fetish overnight fetish hope you learnyour fetish wants your pain to fetish truly blessin’. my fetish doesn’t have timemy fetish long for winemy fetish, you’re wasting minemy fetish you’re sublimemy fetish smells of limemy fetish need not rhyme. but you? ha. your fetishContinue reading “my fetish (wow ppl only like me when i’m nice, understandably)”

Love of Death (Strictly Professional)

When you knocked on World’s DoorI laughedThe rich, poor, everyone’s a whoreYour attackOf course it hurts,growth (tends to). Of course you, Ieveryone we’ve ever lovedare bound to die! WHAT THE FUCK ELSEGIVES YOU INCENTIVE TO TRY? you’ve always been my friend,closest and dearest to my heartyour quiet lovebreaks us apart!Love likeHeaven and Earth I’ve lostContinue reading “Love of Death (Strictly Professional)”