Mountain to Mountains

Heard an Ancient say Not too long, the other day All that can be seen, all that can be known Merely Spirit of the Times The Depths not shown. And yet, alluded by nostalgia Aphrodite’s charm, Went to see a former lover (Of half a decade) What’s the harm? We spoke of much, enjoyed eachContinue reading “Mountain to Mountains”

Imparting Realization

How many quotes Dead awakened folks Longed to share this gift, Blessed mystery? Wherever I go, Always within/next to me Wish I’d known then She never wanted me, just wanted men Midwest dream soon end Only my ex lover has the divine seed Continue the work, old darling Sorry I was drunk on my greed.Continue reading “Imparting Realization”

Numbered Days

My breaths are labored Punctuated by a cough. I’d started tending to the neighbors Everyone in Indiana just scoffs Meditation is the practice of death Funny thing I’d count my breath. I was dishonest to the one I loved In the name of greater from above. Now, bereft of both, My foolishness comes full circle.Continue reading “Numbered Days”


Longing I remember when you played this song I remember waiting aeons long Your face changes now and then I still don’t know who you are I still wonder how far.. I’ll be moving cross country soon If i saw you, would we swoon? Do I have to await another Full moon? When your appearanceContinue reading “Beloved”


i long to see you,someday.i long to belong to you,sun ray!you never saw me crydon’t (have to) stay(but i want you to stay)..those words i’ve diedto hear you sayplease don’t ask me whyit’s been such a long day. every person i invest ini want my deposit backdon’t peek this depressioni got you, you’re good blackContinue reading “someday”


you’ve always been free to go,if you ask right,you’re free to know.say i don’t act right,you could never be me, though.but same ain’t true,with youi’ve been you thru and thrui don’t need to hear your nameto be inside of you don’t get it twisted,blessed mirror cursed blade handleyou’re laughably dismissivewon’t settle to be your man,Continue reading “#blocked”