So it goes

So it goes, Another waste of a storm. Another loner gone by mo(u)rn. Glad I never wasted my love On a hapless scorn. So it goes, A waste of suffering for One Nobody knows. Returned to see friend or foe, Binned off as only Ryan knows. Thanks for your painful honesty, So it goes. AnotherContinue reading “So it goes”


invisible sunrise, overcast skinlack of love synonym sinyour flame is not my twinall my losses are my winsglad you left your shoeson when i let you in i would’ve linked your playlist herei thought you were my A-list deari just wanted to comfort your fearsi’m only as honest as you are clear.have you still notContinue reading “smh”

Eternal Quarantine

silence, first. there has always been the uncertainty,that for me, often endsas you can imagine it would. i’m getting better,i expect it.i sleep more, longer, one misses my presence anyway. i don’t mind, so much.timelessness is more oftena blessing, but its curse is more than anyone i knowcan bear. so i suppose i’ll skipContinue reading “Eternal Quarantine”