my fetish (wow ppl only like me when i’m nice, understandably)

my fetish is your fetish no need fetish overnight fetish hope you learnyour fetish wants your pain to fetish truly blessin’. my fetish doesn’t have timemy fetish long for winemy fetish, you’re wasting minemy fetish you’re sublimemy fetish smells of limemy fetish need not rhyme. but you? ha. your fetishContinue reading “my fetish (wow ppl only like me when i’m nice, understandably)”

Eternal Quarantine

silence, first. there has always been the uncertainty,that for me, often endsas you can imagine it would. i’m getting better,i expect it.i sleep more, longer, one misses my presence anyway. i don’t mind, so much.timelessness is more oftena blessing, but its curse is more than anyone i knowcan bear. so i suppose i’ll skipContinue reading “Eternal Quarantine”


I wake up,check the clockonly slept 5 hoursyou still have me blocked. My heart feels like a broken stone,cast away from your Eden Throne.I wish I could hear your voice,but I broke my phone (you would never answer). All I ever dospend eternitywaiting, justfor you. Allegedly I’ll do a podcast tonight,get it all off myContinue reading “Expectations”