Closed In

Here, the journey’s end Or has it even started? Sure, now there’s a bed Large and empty like these valleys More than not wish I was dead Hung from the galley Will likely never find love, never be happy My mistakes are too many, too damning Only a few ask, I barely manage Consequence ofContinue reading “Closed In”

The Fool/ Hero’s Journey

Yesterday for tradition Saw fossils of my family, outside of Former lover’s jurisdiction. They laughed as they called me a fool, And like the fool who makes the journey to God, I bore it. I did not speak up save for matters of race. How could I describe the tasteless taste? Not the type toContinue reading “The Fool/ Hero’s Journey”


I wish sometimes,the good times lasted longer(who doesn’t?)than the ineffableloneliness. I can put myself out there,be rejected for all Eternity(my inheritance)or be accepted at firstto see where it ends. I can’t imagine how manycome here from my fuckingdating profile.Like, why wasteour time?I could pour everything I am(I do)into this,as I do forliterally anyone. And forContinue reading “Overcast”