despair (inheritance!)

Back home (not anywhere) Lost it all (más despair) I’m fine 😅 (don’t care) Losing this body, this hair Thankful for the air. Too soon for my heirs, Only hearts I tear. Silence isn’t yet speech Rather be gone than a leech. Let me go, I won’t preach, I won’t pull you in Please letContinue reading “despair (inheritance!)”


Strictly Professional,love for you.Confessional,doves for you. Anything you ask,I’m your open book.Mike’s Bizarre Adventure. I don’t care who you are,reach out like CNA servicesreach out likeI need an undertakerreach out likeI can’t take Her. She doesn’t wanna meet Persephone. Litmus Test for your DestinyUnfelt face in the doorway I come from the West,I’m here toContinue reading “PESTILENCE’S RIDE”