Longing I remember when you played this song I remember waiting aeons long Your face changes now and then I still don’t know who you are I still wonder how far.. I’ll be moving cross country soon If i saw you, would we swoon? Do I have to await another Full moon? When your appearanceContinue reading “Beloved”


Ooooooooo Tears from children, mothers dyin’ Angels witness deeds, don’t stop fighin’ Evil eats itself Ouroborous fryin’ divine fire Play your song for the seeds, Orpheus lyre! Listen to the woes of the world, but don’t tire You’re needed for what’s to come Rest, fight, educate, don’t run All of the strength it takes toContinue reading “TEARS FROM THE DIVINE”

New Revolution

(overseas transmission) from suffering to suffering,darkness in darknessthis is our offering we rise up from the underworldphoenix wings, thunder furlsgreek gods, wonder curls.don’t want this asunder, girlhere to merge true earth andthe other world(s), all i’ve ever met are swinefor our pearlz. in existence club w mister‘had to bin her off then’come at your girl,Continue reading “New Revolution”


Opened beyond Belief Broken stone statueno relief, there’s no IT GROWS DEEPER EVERY FUCKING DAY. Easier to relateImpossible to debate. The thunder of your ego’sdemise See me as you areknock it downknock it downknock it down. Portraits scattered into ASH. You left me so crumpled and brokenA harmless beast awokenFrom notanywhere where you left mewhyContinue reading “THE TOWER”