of the Ancestral Garden I should have stayed distant, stayed ardent.. But glad to be of service I hope you’ll be happier, you deserve it. You’ll never read these words I feel Just wanted to find another one Real. I wish you well, I do. Don’t mind my pain, it’s just me, it’s not you.Continue reading “Daisy”

Cerberus Black

Dark Night Heh young Mike longed Harry Potter Bad Omen don’t you even bother 😂 Sirius bad, won’t take your offer I’ll eat you whole, shit on your coffer~ Inheritor of the pain of raped daughters. You only fear where you’ll never grow Died when I was 13, blizzard cold Died when I was 15,Continue reading “Cerberus Black”

Ghost Ship Victory Lap

Its waters Full moon then, New moon now I’m just dying, pls don’t have a cow. What could you do, anyhow? No life comes from your mouth. My shadow wouldn’t listen anyway My shadow loves death’s display. I want out of this world. I will not go back, I get love, not enough. You GladContinue reading “Ghost Ship Victory Lap”


(Just burn) (u think u know me) Not anything I do all day, Eternity my palace let’s play Oh you have to die that’s okay! Been the circle, you’ll come my way Just stayin sharp, not throwin shade. Eternity just wants to know your worth Can you pronounce my name? (Casting shadows) Most I’ve evenContinue reading “Condemnation”