of the Ancestral Garden I should have stayed distant, stayed ardent.. But glad to be of service I hope you’ll be happier, you deserve it. You’ll never read these words I feel Just wanted to find another one Real. I wish you well, I do. Don’t mind my pain, it’s just me, it’s not you.Continue reading “Daisy”


Aeons pass Still remember the spring air, frost melt No one left from then around now, oh well Extended Ohio family trips, no one with, no one missed Writing then as now, just to disappear later, how Teacher said this work leaves you hated and alone All the same to me, fated to die atContinue reading “Decade”

So it goes

So it goes, Another waste of a storm. Another loner gone by mo(u)rn. Glad I never wasted my love On a hapless scorn. So it goes, A waste of suffering for One Nobody knows. Returned to see friend or foe, Binned off as only Ryan knows. Thanks for your painful honesty, So it goes. AnotherContinue reading “So it goes”


invisible sunrise, overcast skinlack of love synonym sinyour flame is not my twinall my losses are my winsglad you left your shoeson when i let you in i would’ve linked your playlist herei thought you were my A-list deari just wanted to comfort your fearsi’m only as honest as you are clear.have you still notContinue reading “smh”

Ode To BFF!

It’s impossible,improbable,to describe how and whywe met. You and I laughacross time and spacewe knew this wasmeant to fuckin’B E we know i’m wild,i love you eternallyand eternally throughand through.you balance me out-always gratefulfor you. I’m saving up,(trying to lmao)to visit you andw i n d w a l k e r I’ll fly onContinue reading “Ode To BFF!”


i was so afraid, i am still in stillness. the trust, the road, the journey. the songs of mothers grieving their dead seed. blood soaked galaxies; unspeakable horrors upon the innocent. standing motionless, but slowly turning. we return.the gods stand motionless in the fire. burning.but we return, and will return again.how can you ignore it?Continue reading “VOID”


Thanks to you,unknown readeryou Truelove seeker no secretsmy peaker walter whitewith our beakers let’s make some moveslike ocean full moonlet me knowcall soon do you rememberwho we were before?I don’t either, butI know youI don’t know how but I know thatI know that we knowI will care for you You aren’t aloneYou never were SimplyContinue reading “Attitude: GRATITUDE”