of the Ancestral Garden I should have stayed distant, stayed ardent.. But glad to be of service I hope you’ll be happier, you deserve it. You’ll never read these words I feel Just wanted to find another one Real. I wish you well, I do. Don’t mind my pain, it’s just me, it’s not you.Continue reading “Daisy”

So it goes

So it goes, Another waste of a storm. Another loner gone by mo(u)rn. Glad I never wasted my love On a hapless scorn. So it goes, A waste of suffering for One Nobody knows. Returned to see friend or foe, Binned off as only Ryan knows. Thanks for your painful honesty, So it goes. AnotherContinue reading “So it goes”

Tiger King

I remember hearing your set, Just wanting to wish you the best. I reached out, to be a friend. I didn’t know it was my end. Nor did my partner, Nor did my partner. I have boundary issues and I flirt, You took advantage, you teased, you hurt. I’m stupid because I thought you cared,Continue reading “Tiger King”


i long to see you,someday.i long to belong to you,sun ray!you never saw me crydon’t (have to) stay(but i want you to stay)..those words i’ve diedto hear you sayplease don’t ask me whyit’s been such a long day. every person i invest ini want my deposit backdon’t peek this depressioni got you, you’re good blackContinue reading “someday”

Tragedy’s Heirs

I have to sleep when it pulls me down,lest anyone have to bear witness.Rather die than make you frown,vanishing’s my business.Business is good, always has been.I’m okay enough to exist,thanks for askin’(you didn’t). I’m still growing accustomed to the songI’ll always be a stranger, lifetimes long.I give up daily,being heard, met, loved.I’ve stopped prayingOvercast darkContinue reading “Tragedy’s Heirs”


I wish sometimes,the good times lasted longer(who doesn’t?)than the ineffableloneliness. I can put myself out there,be rejected for all Eternity(my inheritance)or be accepted at firstto see where it ends. I can’t imagine how manycome here from my fuckingdating profile.Like, why wasteour time?I could pour everything I am(I do)into this,as I do forliterally anyone. And forContinue reading “Overcast”