Longing I remember when you played this song I remember waiting aeons long Your face changes now and then I still don’t know who you are I still wonder how far.. I’ll be moving cross country soon If i saw you, would we swoon? Do I have to await another Full moon? When your appearanceContinue reading “Beloved”


hey,thanks for everything,you’re mynot anything.your silent voicethe Many sing. i’ve started tovanish into y o u. You’re my best keptsecretone of many,i’ll keep it. Want to bask in yourfreedom,of course they won’tlisten, we don’tneed them. i’ve given millions of wordsto too many,just to reach the peak ofyour silence. the whole world’s dyin’,we’re just vibin’. it’sContinue reading “SUNFLOWER”


thanks for leavingi’d abandoned meaningi’m not mad, so you knowsorry i begged so hardfor you not to go. it makes sense,thus is so. in those many deaths,a seed of course red sunsetdied by my greed.sorry i’d made youmy need. it’s better now, so am ijust so you know.nothing lostfaces deathwonder why? every day is greatdayContinue reading “BB SUNRISE”