Tears from children, mothers dyin’

Angels witness deeds, don’t stop fighin’

Evil eats itself Ouroborous fryin’ divine fire

Play your song for the seeds, Orpheus lyre!

Listen to the woes of the world, but don’t tire

You’re needed for what’s to come

Rest, fight, educate, don’t run

All of the strength it takes to reach One

Pay close eye to who your thoughts become

Pray closed eyes injustice undone

If you want to help,

Listen to the songs unsung

Existence Prison Sentence


These bars are the soul,

these bars so cold.

can’t touch them anyway

I’ve nowhere to go.

this forlorn light, why even fight

left to die by the end of the night.

I still don’t know why

I even try to make friends, share my

clearly world needs not

another corpse, just more snot

I oft long covid wed this mend

longfully look in the eyes, this trend

shrug into death just to come back again

at least the underworld wants to be my friend


Aeons pass

Still remember the spring air, frost melt

No one left from then around now, oh well

Extended Ohio family trips, no one with, no one missed

Writing then as now, just to disappear later, how

Teacher said this work leaves you hated and alone

All the same to me, fated to die at home, no one knows

Where the spirit inspiration came from, goes

The soft haunting melody of love, Forest invitation above

Every love I’ve ever swooned leaves with good reason

Entire lifetimes in a song, lineage in a day, aeons seasons

Still remember those suicidal soliloquy silent nights

Always a blade nearby to slit trip visit black light

The railroad tracks trip, broken glass in hand ready drip

A soft stop and pause, sunlight gauze, warmth no one’s maw

Even those of male faith abandoned, left, bereft no Kannon

Just their absence glowing Grand Canyon

Easiest person you’ve met to roast and joke about

I could do it better, shadow of golden thread run your mouth

When you perish look into darkness and you’ll see what I’m about

Barely enough love sustain this corpse, voice gone hoarse mom

Every word a seed a waste a bless, listen close take your guess

Wisdom beyond age, socioeconomic, epigeneticist flow

Only hang out if you wanna know where Jung and Ancestors co.,

Where we truly come from, where we long to go

That golden road glow beyond come and go, yes and no


As our civilization dies in our eyes like our parents

Future to you, to me ever apparent.

Thank you.

night petrichor


I heard say smell is

sense closest to memory, your persistence

Saturday night may air

heavy rain dark storm not anyone around

I play games again to shut my mouth

reminded of 5 years and a deep love ago

similarly not anyone and on my own

looking, longing to die before your throne

now it’s ever present but we’re alone

everyone is dying, no one wants to come home

I can’t tell anyone the love in my heart

They just use it again, abuse me apart

Teacher said the best way for a meaningful life

Bear children, have a wife

I deeply long so, all my life

this rainroma corona’s strife, howling

Ginsberg ginseng tea

I wonder if Kingsley would listen to me

Probably not, the rain says.

another breath another storm

long since past desire scorn

please move on, please

your listening, is but a shadow of a tease

the sky then as is now

overcast golden glow of brown

thunder gun clap rolls by again

only darkness to call my friend

suffering on purpose teacher said

I’ll replay that song till I lose my head

One miss word fills me with dread

No not again, please not another dead

I can’t even make a fucking friend.

Mariez says it’s about self love

Wonder how she feels of above

bloody broke wing black dove

Eyes of the skies, children, wise

The wind picks up once more

Phone ring for Destiny’s Whore


Sweet Thang


The air feels as then

Arizona break up dread

To close and yet so far

I want to be free, I’m trapped in my yard.

I always looked to the sky when lost

Abandon self, you’re the boss.

I don’t know if or why I’d chose this

I’ll have died in your arms, if you’d noticed.

Red got entitled after

My broken tears in the shower

To her laughter.

What a joke.

I couldn’t cry for her, she was broke.

She thought I would kill myself


There’s nothing else.

Cerberus Black

Dark Night


young Mike longed Harry Potter

Bad Omen don’t you even bother 😂

Sirius bad, won’t take your offer

I’ll eat you whole, shit on your coffer~

Inheritor of the pain of raped daughters.

You only fear where you’ll never grow

Died when I was 13, blizzard cold

Died when I was 15, no one knows

Died at 16, tundra woes

Die at 17, blood ink flows

Died at every year, every night

No one around to pull me from the light

Same people then, miss me now

Just underworld, love to show ya how 💁🏻‍♂️

Ghost Ship Victory Lap

Its waters

Full moon then, New moon now

I’m just dying, pls don’t have a cow.

What could you do, anyhow?

No life comes from your mouth.

My shadow wouldn’t listen anyway

My shadow loves death’s display.

I want out of this world.

I will not go back, I get love, not enough.


Glad to bow out once more

Death stream destiny’s whore

Used for your bemusement, but your chore.

Vanish from my rear view like this shore.

I swear- every light I meet only

Pushes me into further dark.

I quick abandon any hope for love

Death and a walk in the park.

You can’t come close, too Tony Stark.

Divine Inheritance?

Just a mark.