probably better left alonedead object for your home(art after death) i’ve all dried up but i feel like i’m always drowning.every day, i plot my own death;first the garage, then a bullet to the head.better not to speak uphate to see their dreadprobably not at homeprobably better left alone.disperse my art like so many ashesworthContinue reading “cactus”

Closed In

Here, the journey’s end Or has it even started? Sure, now there’s a bed Large and empty like these valleys More than not wish I was dead Hung from the galley Will likely never find love, never be happy My mistakes are too many, too damning Only a few ask, I barely manage Consequence ofContinue reading “Closed In”

It takes

I promise I promise you If you start this trip Don’t ever fucking stop God will steal, tear, rip No way will you ever come out on top! In the darkest nights, there How stupid I was Confusing God for ephemeral Hell I pray for all those I meet I can’t tell you who andContinue reading “It takes”

Imparting Realization

How many quotes Dead awakened folks Longed to share this gift, Blessed mystery? Wherever I go, Always within/next to me Wish I’d known then She never wanted me, just wanted men Midwest dream soon end Only my ex lover has the divine seed Continue the work, old darling Sorry I was drunk on my greed.Continue reading “Imparting Realization”


I left a great love a few months now I’d had a few awakenings, don’t ask how Then I went manic, lost it all, oh wow. Recently decided to talk again Two forlorn stars shining upon each other’s way I’ve transgressed far too much I can’t ask her to stay, Nor do I know ifContinue reading “Honey”

Numbered Days

My breaths are labored Punctuated by a cough. I’d started tending to the neighbors Everyone in Indiana just scoffs Meditation is the practice of death Funny thing I’d count my breath. I was dishonest to the one I loved In the name of greater from above. Now, bereft of both, My foolishness comes full circle.Continue reading “Numbered Days”

Fear of Degeneracy

I know so,e travelers who Want me to move thousands of miles away from you I’m so afraid, you don’t even know I feel apathetic, rotting in the womb All I’ve never known has been scarce (My lungs only barely seeing air) I’m afraid to rot like those minds Have you met me? Have theContinue reading “Fear of Degeneracy”


Longing I remember when you played this song I remember waiting aeons long Your face changes now and then I still don’t know who you are I still wonder how far.. I’ll be moving cross country soon If i saw you, would we swoon? Do I have to await another Full moon? When your appearanceContinue reading “Beloved”


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