Closed In

Here, the journey’s end

Or has it even started?

Sure, now there’s a bed

Large and empty like these valleys

More than not wish I was dead

Hung from the galley

Will likely never find love, never be happy

My mistakes are too many, too damning

Only a few ask, I barely manage

Consequence of life with no planning-

Live in God’s moment, painfully so

Drove a thousand miles just to

Find One who knows

But no one does, or it seems

Just the Way She goes, I won’t be mean

My entire life a loser, I can glean.

Day after day, new audiobook

Stories of how I can succeed

Make everyone proud, plant gold seeds.

Instead here I am, crying alone

No signal, no one to talk on the phone

Even now I’m reminded

“I’ve always loved you,

And I just want to come home”

I just want to come home

These words I can’t share

Too much shade from those who once cared

I’m so sorry for what I’ve done,

I made mistakes, wonder if she (you) were the one

I once thought this split would be fun

5 months now, coming undone

Should I be mature and end it now?

So many apologies made, but I don’t do enough

Always still I say too much.

Daisies bloom here, she keeps me safe

Watching Jojo’s until she’s tired, it’s late.

Will I die alone?

Seems likely, Fate.

Empedocles said the cosmos is just Love and Strife (Hate?)

Like Dr. Dog said, “how long must I wait?”

An Eternity, crying at Underworld’s gates.

Published by mikelenczycki

Not Anybody.

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