Mountain to Mountains

Heard an Ancient say

Not too long, the other day

All that can be seen, all that can be known

Merely Spirit of the Times

The Depths not shown.

And yet, alluded by nostalgia

Aphrodite’s charm,

Went to see a former lover

(Of half a decade)

What’s the harm?

We spoke of much, enjoyed each other’s peace

And yet still, depths of this heart unreached.

There is always a fan near me

Branded “comfort zone”- irony?

She was named after a mountain

A symbol of the divine

We had each attained the stage of fountain(head)

But she was no longer mine.

How bittersweet, my heart bled,

Someone will treat her better, occupy her bed.

The pain was immense, yet I was the one in the wrong

Always seduced by another song.

I feel cursed, not longing to be this way

Wanting to stay firm, not to sway.

Maybe God’s charm, God’s request

Not wanting me to stay.

And now, 8 days prior, in the 8th month

Will I die of cold or cough?

Will I ever find (or be) the One?

Am I even worth Love?

I forsake career ambition for God, for love

Can’t blame all my problems on Above.

I wonder too, how those winters will be

Will I lust for Aphrodite,

Or again meet that unnamed goddess

What will she say to me?

Will I ever be enough?

Will I ever be made Right?

Lifetimes’ apology for lust,

I suffered for months after that night.

If you’re reading this, I hope you’re well

Remember to trust and keep moving through

If your conditions resemble Hell.

Published by mikelenczycki

Not Anybody.

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