The Fool/ Hero’s Journey

Yesterday for tradition

Saw fossils of my family, outside of

Former lover’s jurisdiction.

They laughed as they called me a fool,

And like the fool who makes the journey to God,

I bore it. I did not speak up save for matters of race.

How could I describe the tasteless taste?

Not the type to shove awakening in your face.

Heard an Ancient say “if it’s not laughed at, it’s not the Dao”

The whole world laughs, even myself

Laughs at me now.

But impossible to deny

The soul, wings of butterfly.

So beyond all of this, all I do is cry,

Weeping for the bittersweet light

Shining on the dark of this.

Just want to be made right,

Worthy of that goddess’ kiss.

They told me the air is thinner

Told I won’t enjoy winter

Keep going all the way through

Don’t want to die a sinner.

Just want to be worthy of You.

But in the event I do

Just give all I have back

Sorry I’ve been so rude

I was just reinforcing lack

Published by mikelenczycki

Not Anybody.

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