It takes

I promise

I promise you

If you start this trip

Don’t ever fucking stop

God will steal, tear, rip

No way will you ever come out on top!

In the darkest nights, there

How stupid I was

Confusing God for ephemeral Hell

I pray for all those I meet

I can’t tell you who and how I really am

I am every meal you eat

I am every face you greet

I am the aether from the stars below the street

I am that which asks not to eat meat

It is not me, it is not this man

This failure who knows not how to plan

Who has been broken, cast out, disheveled

This (can you even call it a) man, not on your level

The breath upon the waters

Stolen from your lungs

Sometimes all this corpse needs

Just a fucking hug

Teacher told this soul not a joke

How many times I wish I’d choke

Just to die and have it be over

Just to be birthed again

I barely relate to other men

Maybe someday I’ll find true love, and then

Published by mikelenczycki

Not Anybody.

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