Imparting Realization

How many quotes

Dead awakened folks

Longed to share this gift,

Blessed mystery?

Wherever I go,

Always within/next to me

Wish I’d known then

She never wanted me, just wanted men

Midwest dream soon end

Only my ex lover has the divine seed

Continue the work, old darling

Sorry I was drunk on my greed.

Heart of my heart longs

For a love deserving of these songs

These stories and tears

Of much long and deep we suffer

To console your fears.

This body holds a cough

This body care not for getting off

This body may die soon

Mountain peak, high noon

Gone soon

I don’t care

Whatever it is you wanna do

Kill me off now, it’s okay

I’d practiced counting breaths for thousands of days

I’ll return to existence, here to play

It’s only for others I feel the need to pray

My death’s not always my concern

Fuck it, make a bong from my urn

Once you’ve tasted the fire of the divine

Only need I know is

“Just burn”

Published by mikelenczycki

Not Anybody.

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