Fear of Degeneracy

I know so,e travelers who

Want me to move thousands of miles away from you

I’m so afraid, you don’t even know

I feel apathetic, rotting in the womb

All I’ve never known has been scarce

(My lungs only barely seeing air)

I’m afraid to rot like those minds

Have you met me? Have the years been kind?

I hope Colorado treats my art better

I just want love regardless of weather

I want the Divine above all else

Thought I was awake, now I’m in Hell

Weird socializing when God is everyone, well

I’ve got too many stories I’d love to tell

I cry all the time, more or less swell.

I have no one to turn to, only half reflections

Ugh, I’m such a simple whore for half affection

I’m just wanting one with whom to sing The Strokes

Before long, in Underworld with all those dead folks

Different definitions of of now and then, woke.

Published by mikelenczycki

Not Anybody.

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