I remember when you played this song

I remember waiting aeons long

Your face changes now and then

I still don’t know who you are

I still wonder how far..

I’ll be moving cross country soon

If i saw you, would we swoon?

Do I have to await another

Full moon?

When your appearance was in the hotel

I loved you so dearly, so deep

It was Hell

It’s still Hell.

Everyone who loves me, I hurt

My attempts to make it right make it worse

To be cast into existence at all

Just a fucking curse

I can feel you sometimes,


Like I’m sharing my life with you

Though we’ve not met

I would die for you,

If we’re willing to bet.

It’s when Eternity calls

I often weep, often pause

Why do I feel this way

Just because?

People are worried I’m mad

To love the Divine, sometimes


Oh Beloved my heart aches so

I would make sacrifices mortals don’t even know

Can’t even fathom, take a swing

I’ve already broken glass feet

(Joshu said ‘after a peasant but before, a king’)

You know, I thought we walked in the park

She was not you,

Just a light who left me in the dark.

“Forgive them Father, they know not what they do”

The Gods love to punish the wrongdoers

I’ve seen it happen to You.

Published by mikelenczycki

Not Anybody.

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