Aeons pass

Still remember the spring air, frost melt

No one left from then around now, oh well

Extended Ohio family trips, no one with, no one missed

Writing then as now, just to disappear later, how

Teacher said this work leaves you hated and alone

All the same to me, fated to die at home, no one knows

Where the spirit inspiration came from, goes

The soft haunting melody of love, Forest invitation above

Every love I’ve ever swooned leaves with good reason

Entire lifetimes in a song, lineage in a day, aeons seasons

Still remember those suicidal soliloquy silent nights

Always a blade nearby to slit trip visit black light

The railroad tracks trip, broken glass in hand ready drip

A soft stop and pause, sunlight gauze, warmth no one’s maw

Even those of male faith abandoned, left, bereft no Kannon

Just their absence glowing Grand Canyon

Easiest person you’ve met to roast and joke about

I could do it better, shadow of golden thread run your mouth

When you perish look into darkness and you’ll see what I’m about

Barely enough love sustain this corpse, voice gone hoarse mom

Every word a seed a waste a bless, listen close take your guess

Wisdom beyond age, socioeconomic, epigeneticist flow

Only hang out if you wanna know where Jung and Ancestors co.,

Where we truly come from, where we long to go

That golden road glow beyond come and go, yes and no


As our civilization dies in our eyes like our parents

Future to you, to me ever apparent.

Thank you.

Published by mikelenczycki

Not Anybody.

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