night petrichor


I heard say smell is

sense closest to memory, your persistence

Saturday night may air

heavy rain dark storm not anyone around

I play games again to shut my mouth

reminded of 5 years and a deep love ago

similarly not anyone and on my own

looking, longing to die before your throne

now it’s ever present but we’re alone

everyone is dying, no one wants to come home

I can’t tell anyone the love in my heart

They just use it again, abuse me apart

Teacher said the best way for a meaningful life

Bear children, have a wife

I deeply long so, all my life

this rainroma corona’s strife, howling

Ginsberg ginseng tea

I wonder if Kingsley would listen to me

Probably not, the rain says.

another breath another storm

long since past desire scorn

please move on, please

your listening, is but a shadow of a tease

the sky then as is now

overcast golden glow of brown

thunder gun clap rolls by again

only darkness to call my friend

suffering on purpose teacher said

I’ll replay that song till I lose my head

One miss word fills me with dread

No not again, please not another dead

I can’t even make a fucking friend.

Mariez says it’s about self love

Wonder how she feels of above

bloody broke wing black dove

Eyes of the skies, children, wise

The wind picks up once more

Phone ring for Destiny’s Whore


Published by mikelenczycki

Not Anybody.

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