Pain’s Teaching


Whole Foods without db

Invisible hermit hope u see me

Probably won’t

unseen gleam, see

Just to look

Please don’t @ me

Lest you want the book.

Good Words only thing I survived for

You’re but a crook.

Give anyone every anything

They just took.

I couldn’t make it in music

Post death hook.

I don’t know why I do this to myself.

I guess there’s never been anyone else 😭

Only passing faces, fires in my hell

I would tell you anything, pls don’t yell

Better yet just go away-

I can break down by(e)

My fucking self.

It comes in waves, transmission

How I spend my days, post transition.

No one hears their song, dismissive.

Haven’t seen the mold in their position,

All that’s gold doesn’t a,ways glisten.

Published by mikelenczycki

Not Anybody.

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