So it goes

So it goes,

Another waste of a storm.

Another loner gone by mo(u)rn.

Glad I never wasted my love

On a hapless scorn.

So it goes,

A waste of suffering for One

Nobody knows.

Returned to see friend or foe,

Binned off as only Ryan knows.

Thanks for your painful honesty,

So it goes.

Another birdsong goes in the dark

Alone as lovely as American Park.

You’re right, I’m fucking stupid,

Always was. For even involving you

Or desiring to protect you, to love you




You could never see your own light anyway

What could I offer you now?

Half past 10 P.M., broad daylight

And how?

When I already placed myself at your feet

To be kicked aside by your shadow.

It only hurts that I care for you at all,

A bubble of pitiless hope

Dustmote of void’s maw.

Chose to be a lamp, just for this fall.

So it goes.

And for what?

A shadow’s indifference?

Your ignorance, oh so malicious.

I don’t know if I told you (all) before,

I’m a comic, and though I’m now broke

Just a tear drop of cosmos-

You are today’s joke.

Thanks for not a damn thing,


Published by mikelenczycki

Not Anybody.

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