Tiger King

I remember hearing your set,

Just wanting to wish you the best.

I reached out, to be a friend.

I didn’t know it was my end.

Nor did my partner,

Nor did my partner.

I have boundary issues and I flirt,

You took advantage, you teased, you hurt.

I’m stupid because I thought you cared,

So fucking stupid I stroked your hair.

I left that godly woman just to be there,

Everyone knows it wasn’t fair, to everyone

But you.

You told me you were Polish, I wonder if you lied.

You know I love Beach House,

You know how hard I tried.

You run your mouth

You deny, you lied.

I lied about your role

Protected your heart despite my soul.

I told you I’d never share what you told me,

Now I want to flip every cry you sold me.

I wish I was a lesser man,

One who would ridicule your body,

Your weakness, your fear.

You’re clearly going through it,

That much is clear.

You picked me up when I sacrificed my whole life,

You tried to take me to the beach.

You drove so fast, you had to pee.

I saved us from a ticket, from arrest,

Have you ever fucking tried your best?

You weren’t worth the pain, js.

You used me like a man does a woman,

Abandoned me after you got your nut.

You slander my name with snakes

You’ll feel that in your gut.

You do to me what they did to you-

I’ll never forget what you told me.

You took me by your childhood home

Berrien Springs, forlorn throne.

You didn’t need to try so hard

To make me your slut, your bard.

Had I known you were so heartless,

You would never know I’m a fucking artist.

I can’t believe I cried over you, but thanks

I cried for the pain I caused a God

You’re denying yourself Eternal Banks.

You blocked me because I said I’d always love

I would never date you, this is from above.

I only showed up to help you heal,

You cast me out, with a half assed seal.

Your poem could use some work

Just being honest, not a jerk!

The entire club cast me out,

Heather showed me the fault of “me too”

Your justice is false if you don’t value truth.

I even reached out to your friend,

Can you say my name right, at your end?

I wonder if she joins the chorus of slander!

My divine friends gathered, gander

We await at your final call

Just so all your ancestors will whisper to your tears

“At least Mike gave his all.”

Published by mikelenczycki

Not Anybody.

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