until next eclipse

Hello readers.
The time is soon approaching when I (we) must return to silence.
(Really I’ve been typing this on the laptop my saint of an ex let me borrow,
but she traded it for my PS4 so I felt it’s fair, I just don’t remember my account
information. If you like my work enough, hopefully you can spell my name right
enough to find me. If not that’s okay- it’s been splendid, y’all. Eternal light and love (always.))

sorry for all the words i’ve wasted
my favorite flave (flava flaaaaaaaaaave) untasted
didn’t mean to flirt you into baecation
wanted to wed but i lack His patience
we don’t wanna be mr-bin-her-coffin‘s disgrace
smoking love letters in egirl’s face(s)(i love ’em tho)
belly laughin no one can take it (and i feel mean)

i’ll say too much in not enough
not enough when i say too much
apologize, die, leave- nothin’ stuff
vibe like grown man buttercup

ahhh sorry i should probably delete all this.
i tend to re(gre(a)t) every word i ever say,
my bliss
please stop making my day
don’t miss
don’t even think post kiss
tucked in the rest of your life
physicality ain’t worth my strife

(no seriously i’m demisexual and intimacy is a huge issue for me so if i’ve come at you wrong it’s because ppl came at me wrong and i’m just waiting for the right person to say the right thing to save me from suffering other ppl’s delusions. but like, everyone comes at me like they’re entitled to give me advice i didn’t ask for. who does that?? just live your life dude don’t worry about my suicidality, i’m clearly a pro)
don’t hit me up unless you wanna know
post death where nirvana go
i love you i’d never
(call you) that word, yo.

so long, partner.

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Not Anybody.

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