you’ve always been free to go,
if you ask right,
you’re free to know.
say i don’t act right,
you could never be me, though.
but same ain’t true,
with you
i’ve been you thru and thru
i don’t need to hear your name
to be inside of you

don’t get it twisted,
blessed mirror cursed blade handle
you’re laughably dismissive
won’t settle to be your man, though.

the next one shares coffin or coughin’
fist bump from
mr bin her off then
they’ll forever wish
i’d been there often

i forgive your rejection first before i act
cynic expectations, don’t sign my pact
everything i tell you is just the facts.
but, i didn’t ask for your opinion,
if you tell me, you sure ain’t winnin’.

if i care enough i’ll ask
seems to be good to be true,
sucks for your howdy doo.
i might be your rowdy boo
dead silence or loud for you.
i always speak too much, awful
i’d love any peep out of you.

Published by mikelenczycki

Not Anybody.

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