my fetish (wow ppl only like me when i’m nice, understandably)

my fetish is your rejection.
my fetish no need attention.
my fetish overnight obsession.
my fetish hope you learn
your lesson.
my fetish wants your pain to lessen.
my fetish truly blessin’.

my fetish doesn’t have time
my fetish long for wine
my fetish, you’re wasting mine
my fetish you’re sublime
my fetish smells of lime
my fetish need not rhyme.

but you?

your fetish pain and despair.
your fetish grasping for air.
your fetish unkempt hair.
your fetish never get there.
your fetish unworth plein air.
your fetish is you’re too plain,

your fetish say no to my face
my fetish forgive your disgrace
your fetish shallow as fuck
my fetish source of luck
your fetish die alone
my fetish Eternal home
your fetish never listen
my fetish endless glisten
your fetish never learn
my fetish you’ll never earn
your fetish mediocre
my fetish ain’t sleepin’ over
your fetish laugh at my back
my fetish done with lack
your fetish weak like child
my fetish God playing mild
your fetish never grows
my fetish always Knows
your fetish basic like barbie
my fetish 7 nation army
your fetish dying alone
my fetish cleans your home
your fetish hurt your fam
my fetish ain’t your fan

my fetish would heal your hurt.
your fetish ain’t worth the work.

Published by mikelenczycki

Not Anybody.

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