Fruit of Silence

As much as I dread making the wrong move,
it always turns out okay.
I can only be grateful for my missteps,
my mistakes,
for taking me this far.

I’m bad with boundaries.
I went too far,
but I wanted to know the truth.

It hurt to learn it, sure
it tends to.
After all, I gave up everything
for someone to use me.
I just realized I’d been doing it
and again.
And I thought I’d been accepted
as I am
but all I had to do
was make one mistake.

If they forgive me,
if they care,
if they value me,

they’ll reach out.

But they won’t.
You won’t.

That’s okay,
I’d already forgiven you
and moved the fuck on.

Published by mikelenczycki

Not Anybody.

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