i don’t know why i’m writing this.
i don’t wanna bug you, i guess.
I don’t know who you are,
fuck i don’t even know who i am.

I know what I want, though.
I want someone great,
who sees it in themselves,
as I do in myself and them.

I give up a lot,
like constantly.
Like even this expression<
reaching out as it does,
to no one.

I guess I want True Companionship-
someone I could never let down,
All I find are people that
I drown.

It feels fucking awful,
to hurt the people you care about most.
Even if it isn’t that serious..

When even opening up
can be damning.
sometimes there’s nothing to do,
nowhere to go,
no one to talk to.

I die every day, really.
Waiting for someone I can really talk to
about all of this.
I can’t expect anyone to stick around anymore,
I know how I am.

She says I’m in my feelings too much,
I guess she’s right.
They’re oceanic in scope,
I didn’t mean to make you nope.

There is a vast uncertainty, sure.
I just want to be with her,
whomever the fuck she is.

This entire fucking blog is
making mistakes.

Wanna see me livestream them?

Published by mikelenczycki

Not Anybody.

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