Boyz’ Night

Shouldn’t have left
but I did
Your face in my chest
No more bliss.

Took a chance on any companionship
knowing it’s just
a shadow of yours.

I appreciate that you’re concerned
I guess you’re thinking of me,
but still have me kicked out of your heart,
your life.

Which is fair,
You’ve barely known me.

I probably shouldn’t call you
my wife.

I’m more scared for you than anything else
I’m so sorry for everything.
I would never hurt you,
I just wanted anyone
to listen.

I’m sorry I thought it would be you.
I can’t stay mad.
You’re the only person on my mind,
everything else is a shadow of time.

I know there’s nothing I can do,
just to be with you.
I give up more every day,
but something remains.

I can’t even parse thoughts,
drunk because you’re all I want.

I see why the Greats drink,
a stop from think.

I would do anything for you.
When we got pulled over,
I would have taken the fall,
knowing you could
never be my call.

I never learned your number,
my phone is broke.

I made it home okay,
I hope you do every day.
You’re all I care about,
that’s all I ever want to say.

All I do is wait for you, Red.

Published by mikelenczycki

Not Anybody.

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