For You, For All

Received with
standing ovation of

The signs seemed
a challenge
I’m just fucking stupid.

My head hurts I cried too much
I can’t rhyme.
I shouldn’t rush you
I don’t have time

Only Light
matters now.

that’s how it goes for

To be broken by
the deaf and dumb

for those who can


Why should I risk a harassment charge?

(No seriously I was threatened with
harassment charge
for saying
loved her

I just wanted to support her.

Can you fucking believe that?

To be nothing to her,
by wanting to be anything for her,
let alone her Everything.

Had I not died endlessly

This time last week
I would be
unable to

The Dead
hear, at



Sorry for everything.
Sorry for everything I am.
Sorry I’m too much.
I ALWAYS have been.
Sorry I thought you’d understand.

Put me down like Old Yeller.
I didn’t fucking need
a fortune teller.

My friends with benefits are


We don’t need to speak or meet
We don’t go by dates.

Sweet potatoes with(in)
Cast Iron

She says I’m demonic.
Only want to help,

fuck me lmao.

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