Ancients’ Patience

Ages have past like
so many grains
wasted plains
when I saw your

i cried
sorry i never told you
i can be cold, too.

i weep with sorrow and regret
deeper every day
i feel castaway
i’ll always find you

reaching into your inferno
i’ll wait
i swear i’ll wait
i know, i know
you say i don’t, but
fuck how long it takes

i don’t care what breaks

i have a sweet tooth
you’re divine cake
tell you truth
let’s get baked

i know you’ve been through it
ran through me
we both knew it
every day is true me
I’ll tend
I’ll mend

don’t care what’s blood rend
you bring out
my romeo

Smith, I told you
Where and when do you wanna go?

Wanna go to the beach at night?
Do you need a light?
No I never want
to fight.

You are the Garden of my Soul

I will pay any price
I see the best in you
tu siempre entice
only invest in you

you are all that is true
to me
you fill my life
with glee

you’re all I want to be

Published by mikelenczycki

Not Anybody.

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